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Sanako Connect increases the options for speaking and actually using the target language

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Sanako has helped language teachers since 1961.
Customers in 114 countries and 50.000 classrooms

Finnish educational technology since 1961

We are the pioneer in language labs and language teaching software: we started in 1961, when our first language laboratory was made under the name Tandberg Educational. After that we have climbed to a market leading position with customers in over 110 countries and 50,000 classrooms supported with Sanako solutions to help language teachers increase their students’ language skills.

This is how we do it

Close relations with our customers, our partners, and our pedagogical approach have made us the global leader in teacher-led language teaching software market.

Save and Optimize Teachers' Time

  • Browser-based language learning environment - not just an online language lab!
  • Teacher-led - teachers stay in control
  • Activity-based - fast and effective lesson setup
  • Supports synchronous and asynchronous lessons
    (real-time and learning at one’s own pace)
  • Available everywhere without any installations

Accessible from Any Device

  • Enables all the benefits from physical language labs and is accessible from anywhere using laptops, Chromebooks or tablets.
  • No login details needed for the students, students join via a unique link (no data privacy issues).
  • Ability to collect, review and give feedback for students’ audio recordings and work in real-time or in recording.

Increase the options for speaking and using the target language

Teach live or let students learn at their own pace in the same solution (synchronous AND asynchronous)

Important self-evaluation enabled by recording student speech and exercises

Deliver different pedagogical approaches with various exercise types (flexibility for different teachers)

Developed with teachers

All the features are something you would use in real life language teaching. Sanako is the original language lab pioneer and we have been working with language teachers since 1961. Sanako Connect - the virtual classroom for language teachers - is Sanako's next-generation product that ties together the best parts of a traditional language lab and modern browser-based virtual teaching software.

Teach any language with  

Sanako Connect

Live teaching and self-paced learning

Sanako Connect helps you to optimise teaching time by enabling you to deliver live instructions, self-paced learning, homework, assessments, and grading all in the same solution making your life easier and saving your school's budget.

Designed for different pedagogical methods

Sanako Connect is designed especially for professional language educators and for different teaching styles. Deliver task based language teaching and content integrated language learning or get creative with your lessons.

Make speaking an integral part of language learning

Sanako Connect helps language teachers to create a more speaking-oriented language teaching environment especially online. Create and share speaking based tasks and pronunciation exercises and collect individual students’ recording for feedback and grading.

What do teachers say about it?

The University of Rzeszów or Uniwersytet Rzeszowski (UR), Poland

Classes can now be either synchronous - we can talk to all the students in real-time using a microphone or on a global chat, or to individual students via a microphone or a direct message - or asynchronous allowing students to practise at their own pace and submit their work for a teacher to check.

- Dr. Marta Nowacka, Assistant Professor in the College of Humanities, UR

University of Leeds, GB

One of the most effective solutions adopted for teaching and assessment by the MA Conference Interpreting and Translation Studies, MA Business and Public Service Interpreting and Translation Studies programmes.

– Lihong Pan, Programme Manager of MA Interpreting,     University of Leeds

Unversity in Russia

I'm very pleased with the broad range of functions provided by Sanako, which could be used for translation/interpreting as well as for speaking classes. I particularly like the opportunity to let students do their tasks independently as part of their homework.

- Alexandra Chuptsova - English teacher from University in Russia

University of Koblenz

I really like the product! I've used it in our school’s language lab and now online as well. I find the different possibilities for creating exercises very useful.

- Susanne Renette - English instructor or teacher from University of Koblenz, Germany

St Petersburg State University

I appreciate the way exercises can be organized and checked, the advanced recorder function, the possibility of sharing files with students; and to limit the time they see the document / the task.

- Natalya Zhurkina - St Petersburg State University, Russia

Grammar school in Germany

This tool is really extraordinary. So helpful for us. THANK YOU for helping us in these difficult times.

Florian Busch – French teacher from a Grammar school in Germany

The Mediazone Linguistica Perugia, Italy

We now can supervise student activities better; both when students are working together and whil elearning alone. Using the Sanako Connect platform also enables our teachers to optimize the time spent in class with students. And it allows us to engage more students than is possible in a normal classroom.

– Yrama Lander Lopez, Language instructor, The Mediazone Linguistica Perugia, Italy

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Sanako Connect is a web-based virtual classroom solution for professional language teachers from secondary and higher education.

With Sanako Connect you'll be able to:

  • improve students' speaking and pronunciation
  • deliver real-time and self-paced language classes
  • talk one-on-one with a student
  • record individual students' audio
  • track students' interaction and progress

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